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lowb1rd.github.ioOctober 2015 Blog Entry: 001

Let's Blog: Another static Blog on GitHub Pages

I have been blogging (more or less) since 2009 at neunzehn83.de. The blog pages there are statically generated from Markdown files and then served by a nginx webserver as plain HTML files.

Static HTML files suit also perfectly to GitHub Pages. So I thought it would be a good idea to test a Blog there :)

And here it is. These pages are brought to you by GitHub Pages. Blog entries are statically generated and then pushed to my GitHub Repo where they become available as a GitHub Page.

Right now it's just a proof of concept, but there might be some useful posts here eventually.

Oh, and since everything is so fancy here, comments to posts are handled by Twitter. Simply use the unique Hashtag for every post stated at the bottom of every post.